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Extra money at the time of squeeze is sometimes necessary. Unforeseen events such as maintenance on the car are responsible for unbalancing the budget. When this type of situation occurs, it is common to resort to installments of credit card bills or payday loans. What many people do not know is that the interest on cards and overdrafts is usually much higher than that of a loan. Below, see how to keep your accounts up to date using a payday loan.


Stay focused on the most important debts

Stay focused on the most important debts

Before taking out a payday loan, carefully analyze your financial situation to make sure that there is a real need to borrow money from an institution. If you take out a loan, focus. Make a survey of the bills you have to pay and direct the money to that end – the payment of credit card or overdraft bills, for example, is important to avoid the high interest charged by the bank.

There are other emergency situations in which the loan money can be spent, such as health problems or urgent renovations to your property. Spending on travel and automobiles, for example, can be avoided, in order not to further complicate your financial life.


Choose the financial institution

financial institution

After defining the need for a payday loan, it is time to choose the institution that will provide the credit. Ideally, you should talk to your bank manager to find out what fees are charged – in addition to the payment facilities, of course. But don’t be restricted to your bank. Other financial institutions also offer personal and sometimes even cheaper loans. The simulation can be done over the internet.

You can find several offers from partner institutions of Good Lenders within the application. The interest is one of the lowest in the market and the money is available two days after the credit is approved.
It is always important to pay attention to high interest charges! Therefore, try to find out about the Total Effective Cost (CET) of the debt, which shows all the rates that must be paid in this transaction (this includes insurance and taxes).


Plan your debt payment

Now that you know when and where to apply for a payday loan, you need to schedule the payment of that debt. A proposal with many benefits can complicate your financial life in the long run, after all, you cannot predict the emergence of new expenses – such as children, college, retirement, etc. So, look for the best loan financing conditions and avoid accumulating debt for a very long period of time.


Organize your financial life

money loan

It is also important to have control over your entire financial life. Set aside a notebook or folder on your computer with all your income and expenses, and keep track of the amount you have available per month. Have at your disposal the number of installments of your payday loan, as well as the amount to be paid, the estimated time to settle the debt, the interest rate, the incident taxes, insurance and the possibility of amortizing the debt. If you are a user of the Good Lenders application, you can place all the installments in the planning and thus already schedule for payments.
Check with the financial institution if there is a difference between monthly and annual payments. It is also important to stay informed about contract charges, such as fines and stay fees – in case of late payment.


Watch out for scams

Watch out for scams

It is important to always be on the lookout for emails and calls from alleged financial institutions offering easy credit. Unfortunately, this type of situation is common, and if you provide your personal information, you could be the victim of a scam. Never enter your details via email or phone. Financial institutions do not carry out this type of procedure (offering a loan) without your request. Check out here 5 tips to avoid falling into scams.
Now that you know everything about payday loans, leave a comment telling your experience with this type of transaction.

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Shopping instant – Quick online shopping loan /shopping-instant-quick-online-shopping-loan/ /shopping-instant-quick-online-shopping-loan/#respond Fri, 01 May 2020 08:43:07 +0000 http://www.floyds-tgp.com/shopping-instant-quick-online-shopping-loan/


Loans are associated with people in a very difficult financial situation, but the reality is slightly different. There are situations when payday loans are granted for shopping. You don’t know what payday loans are? Payday loans are short-term loans (as the name suggests).

A new form of financing – payday loan

A new form of financing - payday loan

Instantaneous payment can be defined as a new form of financing. Most importantly, we are talking about a form of financing that is very popular. What is the popularity of payday loans? Certainly a small amount of formalities is of great importance – we don’t like it when you have to complete many formalities (which is not surprising anyway). However, it is important to remember that formalities are not the most important thing.

The most important thing is responsible lending. Free loan is also significant (many companies offer free loans). Are you wondering what is meant by a free loan? The matter is simple – a free loan means that you give money back without any interest. You also need to know that a free loan is usually targeted at new customers and, no matter what, it shouldn’t surprise you in any way.

Do people borrow for shopping?

Do people borrow for shopping?

Let’s focus, however, on the subject of the text, ie a shopping loan – do people lend for shopping? In the previous part of the text we focused on such standard loans (conventionally speaking). After all, there are two options – we simply borrow money with shopping in mind or use a specially prepared offer.

People lend for shopping, there is no doubt about it. Perhaps the question immediately arose, what is this about? If so, remember that Twisto is a service that allows goods to be imported before payment. As for the advantages of such a proposal, the situation seems clear, but let’s change everything – shopping without leaving home, reviewing the range, physical contact with the product and checking the ordered goods before the transaction is completed.

Average loan amount for purchases

Average loan amount for purchases

Wondering how often you borrow for purchases? Are you interested in the average amount we borrow? Reference to details is rather impossible, after all, data on loans are needed.

So what can you say? First of all, you should mention expectations, what not to say, expectations are really different. There is not much connection with the text, but it is worth asking yourself whether the payday loan is a necessity in my situation? It is possible that there are people who use loans, even though a loan is not needed.
As for the text, this may have some effect on the money borrowed.

Finally, the most important thing – remember that the most important are your financial possibilities (regardless of the circumstances).

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Get a loan for Shopping in installments /get-a-loan-for-shopping-in-installments/ /get-a-loan-for-shopping-in-installments/#respond Fri, 24 Apr 2020 08:40:56 +0000 http://www.floyds-tgp.com/get-a-loan-for-shopping-in-installments/

Was the washing machine broken, or maybe the fridge? Equipment is necessary for everyday life. What to do in an emergency situation when we do not have the funds to buy a new device, and we need it “immediately” and there is no time to put down. Banks come to the rescue by arranging payment of the stock in convenient installments.

There are many situations where the lack of cash complicates our lives

There are many situations where the lack of cash complicates our lives

Is winter coming and you need winter tires for our car, or is the temptation of a dream holiday in Egypt all-inclusive. There are many reasons – there are several financing options. The purchase of various goods can be divided into convenient monthly installments.

The price is then divided into several parts, which together give the amount borrowed plus interest and the required fees. However, there are also 0% installment offers, which means no additional costs.

The simplest solution is installment purchase in stores with which banks cooperate (so-called installment sale). From the products currently in the store, we choose the one that we intend to buy. If this is our first purchase in installments and we have no credit history (we have never used the credit services of any bank before, e.g. credit, loan) we will need a certificate or statement of earnings.

Our employer will issue a certificate of income


However, if you have already used one of the banks’ credit services and all payments were made in a timely manner, such a certificate will often not be needed.

Shops usually have contact with an online bank, so checking the customer’s creditworthiness and issuing a decision on granting installment loans takes only a few minutes. Importantly, when shopping in installments we do not have to have literally any cash with you.

The first payment for the goods will be made in the first installment, i.e. it may even be in a month. All repayment forms will be sent by post to our address within a few days of signing the contract in the store.

Shopping in installments is not just buying in stores with the help of installment loans. To arrange the purchase of a good or service in installments, you can also take out a cash loan and make a payment from these funds borrowed from a bank or other financial institution.

This is a good solution when buying an inexpensive, used car. Funds from a cash loan can be used for any purpose, so in addition to financing the car, some money can be allocated to fees related to vehicle registration and liability insurance.

We can also make deferred payments for purchases using credit cards

We can also make deferred payments for purchases using credit cards

When paying by credit card in stores and commercial facilities, we do not have to refund the entirety. We can pay the debt in installments, paying monthly at least the amount of the minimum repayment on the card. This is a good solution when you want to pay for an air ticket in convenient installments, for example.

We can also buy in installments using a debit card and an allocated debit in the bank account.

Paying in this way for the goods do we make debts on the personal account and then pay them off in full or in installments. This solution works on the basis of a revolving loan, so a limit that we can use almost indefinitely.

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Consumer credit: volumes up in October /consumer-credit-volumes-up-in-october/ /consumer-credit-volumes-up-in-october/#respond Mon, 30 Mar 2020 08:30:43 +0000 http://www.floyds-tgp.com/consumer-credit-volumes-up-in-october/

Before the start of the yellow vests movement initiated in November, the production of consumer loans was doing well if we believe the figures of the French association of financial companies: + 9.2% in October 2018. Personal loan, credit affected… All products benefited, even revolving credit!

The increasingly important LOA

The increasingly important LOA

Consumer credit exceeded 4 billion USD in financing for French households in October 2018 alone, thanks to a 9.2% jump compared to the same period a year earlier. In 2018, the cumulative first ten months showed an increase of 6.3%. One constant: rental operations with option to purchase (LOA) are pulling the whole thing up, with an increase of 20% again in October. The LOA never ceases to gain followers for the purchase of a used vehicle (+ 44% from January to October) and represents nearly 10% of transactions for this type of car, thus cutting croupiers to classic car credit. In new buildings, the LOA now weighs three times more than the car loan.

Revolving credit is maintained

Revolving credit is maintained

Among conventional consumer loans, which remain very clearly in the majority compared to the LOA (80/20), personal loans saw a good increase in October (+ 6.7%), while revolving credit experienced a All in all, progression (+ 3.6%), which enabled it to be up in 2018 (+ 0.4%). Their volume is close to that of the affected loans, also increasing (+ 10.7% in October 2018), despite the decline in conventional car loans (-5.2% over the month, -0.5% from the start of the year). The financing of household equipment through consumer credit saw a sharp upturn in October (+ 15.6%).

Auto financing, a pillar of consumer credit

Auto financing, a pillar of consumer credit

Auto financing remains a pillar of consumer credit: it is more than 11 billion USD, or almost a third of the total volume granted between January and October 2018. The increase over this period was 11.4% in the new and 14.1% in the old. But the good health of the auto loan should not make us forget that the credits allocated to the purchase of other vehicles (motorbike, boats, etc.) also work well: + 21.3% in October. Almost 850 million USD over the first ten months of 2018.

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Credit insurance – cash and mortgage /credit-insurance-cash-and-mortgage/ /credit-insurance-cash-and-mortgage/#respond Tue, 17 Mar 2020 07:01:00 +0000 http://www.floyds-tgp.com/credit-insurance-cash-and-mortgage/

Credit insurance is a product thanks to which, on the one hand, the bank protects itself against, for example, your inability to work, and on the other – it increases your chances of earning.

Insurance companies can pay off part of your liability, and the bank can receive commissions for new customers. Compare offers from various financial institutions.

How is credit insurance accounted for?


Credit insurance is usually charged in advance – for the entire duration of the contract.

Often, the cost of all insurance is added to the loan amount and then divided into a number corresponding to the number of installments. Therefore, the monthly installment is increased by the part needed to pay the insurance. Hence – interest can be charged on a higher sum (the capital part you borrow and the amount of insurance added to it).

Remember, however, that insurance terms vary by a financial institution and the insurance company.

Credit insurance – the death of the borrower


One of the most often offered types of insurance is life insurance for a mortgage. Credit insurance can also be offered for cash loans, but from the bank’s point of view buying, life insurance for a mortgage seems more desirable. A mortgage contract has been binding you with the bank for many years and can be a guarantee of additional income for the bank.

Mortgage insurance against the borrower’s death is one of the basic insurance that banks offer.

Borrower’s death and loan insurance – collateral for the family?


Life insurance (mortgage or cash) can provide security for the family in the event of the borrower’s death. Otherwise, if the person who took out the loan goes away before paying it off fully, the commitments can go to your spouse or children.

Credit insurance – what else does it protect against?

Credit insurance - what else does it protect against?

Life insurance for mortgage is not the only financial institutions offer their clients. Other popular insurance is:

  • Insurance in the event of loss of a job – usually the insurance contract provides that the insurer will repay cash or mortgage loan installments while you are out of work.
  • Credit insurance against the consequences of accidents, temporary inability to work or long-term illness – in the event of incapacity for work caused by random events (accident or illness), the insurer may repay the debt.

Before you take out insurance, check the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance. This document should describe exactly all situations in which insurance measures can be activated, as well as those in which the insurer will not be able to provide you with support.

Is credit insurance – mortgage, cash – mandatory?


Loan insurance is voluntary and the bank may not require you to join them. However, he can construct the terms of the contract in such a way that it would be unprofitable to take out a loan without buying out the policy. For example, you may need to sign up for insurance to take advantage of promotional rates.

Cancellation of credit insurance – is it possible?


However, you must bear in mind that resignation from insurance can be costly – especially if you used the promotion, which was a condition for joining the insurance.

For example, if your bank has granted you a loan with a lower interest rate or a lower margin and did so because you have taken out the policy, after withdrawing from the loan insurance, you may increase the fees and also require other collateral for the liability.

On the other hand, you may also receive a refund of insurance. You will read more about this in a moment.

All the most important information on the conditions for resigning from credit insurance should be included in the contract with the bank and the GTC.

Credit insurance refund – will you get your insurance money back?


You can get a refund of credit insurance when:

  • you cancel your insurance before the end of the loan period;
  • you pay back the loan before the set time;
  • the entire insurance amount was added to the loan amount at the beginning of the loan period;
  • premiums are collected in installments, and the amount of insurance had an impact on raising interest rates and the amount of installments;
  • the bank terminated the loan agreement and sold it to a debt collection company (in such a situation the amount of debt may decrease).
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Credit Card Usage in Turkey /credit-card-usage-in-turkey/ /credit-card-usage-in-turkey/#respond Fri, 06 Mar 2020 09:30:03 +0000 http://www.floyds-tgp.com/credit-card-usage-in-turkey/

Our country is among the leading countries in the world in terms of credit card use and ranks second in Europe. The most important feature that distinguishes the credit card from other banking products is the possibility of shopping in installments, that is, the advantage of shifting the debt.

Therefore, business owners who want to ensure that the credit card can serve its purpose will have to make their pos devices open for installments.

Credit Card Usage in Turkey

Credit Card Usage in Turkey

The person who decides whether or not to open the credit card for installment purchases is the owner of the workplace. Therefore, knowing how much credit card is used in our country before making this decision will help to think more rationally about the commission fees demanded by banks.

According to the data announced in 2016, there are 56 million active credit cards in our country. All of these cards fulfill the conditions of activism and our country ranks second in Europe in terms of credit card usage.

Researches recently reveal that consumers tend to use credit cards to analyze only their spending and if possible, they prefer to pay their spending in installments, especially with interest-free campaigns.

Opening the POS Device to Installments

Before opening the POS device for installment purchases, a good decision should be made with which bank to work with and which bank to join the merchant network. This issue is very important because the campaigns of the banks included in the merchant network are much more strictly followed by the consumers than they think and even the merchant network logo at the door can ensure shopping.

The banks with the most common merchant network in our country are Maximum, Garanti and Axess. Recently, it has created various payment alternatives in Participation Banks and started to provide business owners with the opportunity to make installments without maturity.

After deciding which bank to be included in the member merchant network, the installment feature of the pos device should be activated through the bank branch or call center. Since this may result in additional commission fees, it is not possible to trade without a request or order.

Some banks’ internet-based pos management applications may also allow this to be done by the business owner over the internet. You can find out if the bank you are working with has such an application through the call center and ask them to share their transaction steps with you.

What to Know


The installment feature will not be active for each credit card based on opening the POS device to installments. In order for a credit card to shop in installments from the relevant POS device, a protocol must be signed between the credit card provider and the merchant network. Even if such a protocol is signed unannounced by the consumer or business owner, information about the possibility of installment during the shopping will appear on the screen.

Consumers who use credit cards belonging to participation banks can often complain about not being able to make installments. You can tell them that this is not related to the workplace or pos device, and if they demand, they can call the banks and enable the bank to install the transaction in question.

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Credit Portal the intermediary receives a commission from the lender /credit-portal-the-intermediary-receives-a-commission-from-the-lender/ /credit-portal-the-intermediary-receives-a-commission-from-the-lender/#respond Mon, 24 Feb 2020 09:31:00 +0000 http://www.floyds-tgp.com/credit-portal-the-intermediary-receives-a-commission-from-the-lender/

If a credit portal is operated by an intermediary, the intermediary receives a commission from the lender. Note: Loans even without Credit Bureau Get the credit tip online and apply. With the. Life in big cities is an evening after insertion, ilse login credit portal Intrasavings bank.

Credit Portal 

Credit Portal 

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Your choice has been saved! To continue, you must make a cookie selection. Below is an explanation of each option and their meanings. Allow all cookies: Any kind of cookie such as tracking and analytic cookie. Only allow the necessary cookies: Only the data from this website will be used.

Financial Terms and Definitions

Financial Terms and Definitions

Credit portals are websites for applying for loans or arranging loans. Providers of credit portals can be individual banks or credit institutions. If a loan portal is maintained by an intermediary, the intermediary receives a commission from the lender. In addition, portfolios with the option of credit comparison are also referred to as loan portfolios, even if the providers themselves neither advise nor lend out loans, but only forward them to favorable offers.

Even for this type of corporate lending portals an approval is actually needed. In the third sense, the credit portal means an Internet marketplace for the switching of loans between private individuals. The operation of the corresponding credit portals is carried out by licensed commercial banks, but the credit is granted by the portal members.

With us you come to the press.

With us you come to the press.

Berlin, April 18, 2018 – Consumers in Germany are picking up more and more bonds. In the second half of 2018, there were 27.47 billion in Germany. This is 4.5 percent more than in the previous quarter. Interest rates are becoming more and more variable: those who borrowed their installment loan through the network in the second quarter paid on average 2.11 percentage points less interest than the German average.

The interest differential rose by an average of 0.44 percentage points year-on-year. In the second quarter, if all borrowers had their loans on the network, they would have saved a total of USD 765 million. This is confirmed by data from the federal government, Credit Bureau and the credit portal smart. Berlin, May 28, 2018 – Until Saturday evening, Berlin is the place to go for money, more precisely: more than $ 2 billion in banknotes.

You are in a swimming pool in the Mall of Berlin. Berlin, 22.06. 2018 – A recent survey among 20 banks shows that 71% of the banks surveyed by the snava loan portal do not expect interest rate changes in installment loans. 18% and 18% of credit institutions expect interest rates to rise by up to 0.4 percentage points. The 12% estimate that a rate cut of up to 0.4 points of turnover is possible.

“According to the bank, interest rates on installment loans will be unchanged for the time being in the coming weeks, meaning that borrowers in Germany spend an average annual effective rate of 5.7, and those who sign a contract on the net pay 1.9 on average % Points less for their credit, “summarizes Alexander Artope, Managing Director of smava, the result.

Berlin, May 16, 2018 – The annual percentage of auto loan burdens has reached a new low. In the current year, it averages 2.94 percent. This is 2.03 percentage points less than in 2012, which is the result of an analysis of the smava credit portal. Managing director of Smava, reminds, despite lower interest rates: “The interest rates for car loans have passed an all-time low.

New cars and used vehicles are up to 14 percent cheaper than in the previous month. Berlin, April 18, 2018 – In the first quarter of 2018, consumers in Germany received 27.17 billion. Those who have taken a loan on the net paid on average 1.85 percentage points less interest than the national average. If all borrowers had taken up their loans online, they would have saved USD 612.1 million.

This is confirmed by data from the federal government, Credit Bureau and the credit portal smart. “Few are aware of the size of loan price differences, even in the current low interest rate environment, so we want to give consumers clarity and openness and encourage them to compare credit prices,” says Alexander Artopé, Managing Director of smava. In this context, it is important for consumers to compare prices. Berlin, May 20, 2018 – Where do bankers borrow?

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First home loan restructuring mortgages /first-home-loan-restructuring-mortgages/ /first-home-loan-restructuring-mortgages/#respond Wed, 19 Feb 2020 09:38:12 +0000 http://www.floyds-tgp.com/first-home-loan-restructuring-mortgages/

Renovating the house always involves significant expenses. Supporting them is possible thanks to solutions such as first home renovation mortgages. But which one has the most competitive conditions? Here are the answers you were looking for.

First home renovation mortgages: who offers them

First home renovation mortgages: who offers them

When discussing first home renovation mortgages, several floors can be involved. One of these is the Social Institute ex Government Agency mortgage loan. Requestable by members of the Unified Management of credit and social benefits, it allows to obtain a maximum of $ 150,000. The sum can never exceed 40% of the value of the property according to the appraisal.

This mortgage can be requested for both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works. The rate can be fixed or variable. In the first case it is equal to 2.95%. In the second, however, it must be calculated on the basis of the 6-month Euribor plus 200 points and calculated over 360 days.

Mortgage restructuring with Social Institute: how to request it

Mortgage restructuring with Social Institute: how to request it

How can I apply for first home Social Institute ex Government Agency home loans ? Proceeding only electronically. It is also essential to attach all the required documentation, including the substitute declaration of notarial deed. Otherwise, in fact, the application is excluded. The useful days for sending are from 1st to 10th January, from 1st to 10th May and from 1st to 10th September each year.

Banks also offer mortgages of this type. One of the lenders to consider is Single loan.

Mortgage restructuring with Single loan: how it works

Mortgage restructuring with Single loan: how it works

How do Single loan first home renovation mortgages work? First of all, remember that the customer can request up to $ 100,000. Secondly, the amount is paid on the basis of the progress of the work.

The aforementioned mortgage can last from 3 to 10 years. For loans up to $ 30,000, it is possible to proceed with a debit on a current account or on a prepaid Genius Card. For those who carry out work subject to tax deduction, a subsidized TAN of 6.5% is envisaged. The rate applied is fixed for the entire duration of the amortization.

How it works, who can request it and how much can be obtained

BancoPosta Mortgage Renovation: how it works, who can request it and how much can be obtained

Another product that deserves a mention in the field of first home renovation mortgages is the postal office proposal. The Best Bank Restructuring loan can have a duration of between 10 and 30 years. The customer who submits a cost estimate can request a sum equal to 100% of the same. A necessary condition is that it does not exceed 40% of the value of the property according to the appraisal.

The aforementioned mortgage can be at a fixed, variable or mixed rate. In the third case, the plan can be reviewed every 2 or 5 years. To see how it works we assume the request for a twenty-year mortgage of $ 100,000. In this case, considering the fixed rate, there would be a monthly payment of $ 533.75. The APR of the product is 2.71% and the TAN of 2.57.


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